Corporate and Commercial:

Corporate and Commercial:

The experienced corporate lawyers of RAH Legal offer tailor-made legal and administrative support in company formation in various jurisdictions, such as Cyprus, Seychelles, Bulgaria, and other reputable offshore jurisdictions. Our expert lawyers will analyse and comprehend the needs of the client and help him to set up a company in the jurisdiction of his/her choice.

RAH Legal will carry out the whole procedure of company formation in the jurisdiction of client’s choice in a timely and cost-effective manner so that to achieve the best possible outcome for the client and his/her your business.

The team of RAH Legal is striving to fulfill the business aspirations of each client by adopting a proactive and realistic approach to problem solving which embeds a commercial understanding.

Specifically, our services include:

  • Company Formation in Various Jurisdictions.

Setting up a company requires a professional legal support. Our team of experts assist our client to incorporate a company in the jurisdiction of their choice in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Among others, we carry out all the related bureaucratic procedures of company formation.

  • Fiduciary Services (Nominee Director- Secretary- Shareholder);

The main objective of fiduciary services is to protect the identity of the ultimate beneficial owner (UBO) by ensuring privacy and confidentiality. That is to say, the UBO is appointing a physical or a legal person to represent him/her. Note that the Nominee Director, Secretary and Shareholder cannot take any decision on behalf of the UBO. RAH Legal provide fiduciary services for Cyprus incorporated companies or entities set up in other jurisdictions.

  • Management and dissolution of companies in various jurisdictions.

RAH Legal carries out the whole procedure of company formation and company dissolution in Cyprus, Seychelles, Bulgaria and other jurisdictions.

  • Domiciling non-Cypriot companies in Cyprus.

RAH Legal provides legal assistance to non-Cypriot companies wishing to transfer their registered office from their home jurisdiction to Cyprus. A company can be re-domiciled in Cyprus provided that it is incorporated in a country which allow re-domiciliation and its Articles and Memorandum of Association provide for the possibility of re-domiciliation.

  • Purchase of a ready-made shelf company or a tailor-made company.

A shelf company is a pre-registered entity with no assets and liabilities, and have never conducted any business activity as they have been incorporated solely to be sold. Acquiring a shelf company is relatively fast and documents certifying the new company appointments can be obtained instantly. Therefore, a shelf company can be a good and quick solution.

  • Mergers and acquisitions;

Mergers and acquisitions framework in Cyprus has been developed over the last decade, as a result of Cyprus accession to the EU. From a taxation point of view, the most considerable advantages of Cyprus mergers and acquisitions are that profits derived from dividends are not subject to the corporate tax, mergers and acquisitions are VAT exempt in Cyprus, and profits generated by the transfer of immovable properties during the merger or acquisition are exempt from capital gains taxation in Cyprus.

  • Insolvency Matters;

RAH Legal advises on the whole spectrum of matters related to insolvency, debt restructuring and bankruptcy in Cyprus.

  • Opening a Corporate Bank Accounts;

RAH Legal has a close cooperation with various banks in many countries. Our team may carry out the whole procedure of account opening on your behalf.

  • Drafting of Shareholder and Distribution Agreements.

When a company is performing an activity, which requires the participation of another company, then the two parties need to sign agreements and contracts, which designate the rights and obligations of both parties. One of these documents refers to the distribution agreements, signed between and supplier and the distributors. RAH Legal is able to provide you with the necessary legal guidance for the drafting of the distribution agreements.

  • Consultancy

RAH Legal provides high quality legal assistance and consultancy in many areas of law. Our expert lawyers are able to provide you with a tailor-made consultancy which corresponds to your needs.

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