Get a Cyprus/ EU Passport through investment!

Invest 2 Million Euros and get a Cyprus Passport!

Cyprus is a prestigious international business and investment centre. The geopolitical position of the island between Europe, Africa and Asia, the financial and political stability, and the well-established infrastructures motivate business people and investors worldwide to choose Cyprus as the base of their business activities.

The government of the Republic of Cyprus is striving to attract foreign direct investment on the island by providing considerable incentives to foreign investors. One of the most considerable incentives is the citizenship-by-investment scheme which grants Cypriot passports to business people who invest more than €2 million in Cyprus provided that they meet certain requirements.

Having a Cyprus passport gives you the right to live, work, study, travel and do businesses in all the EU member states without restrictions.

The main benefits are:

  • Travel to 159 countries and territories, including Canada, Hong Kong and Switzerland without visa;
  • The Cypriot/EU citizenship is granted to the whole family, that is to say husband/wife and financially dependent children up to the age of 28 years old;
  • Lifetime citizenship which can be passed onto next generations by descent;
  • Fast and straight forward procedure;
  • Dual citizenship is permitted;


The immigration lawyers of RAH Legal are able to assist foreign investors to get the Cyprus citizenship within 3 months. Our team may carry out the whole application procedure on your behalf. For more detailed and tailor-made information, please contact us.

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