Real Estate

Cyprus is an ideal location for real estate investment with significant benefits, such as the considerable taxation, the financial stability, the warm weather and the convenient geographical location of the island.

The expert lawyers of Rah Legal will analyse and understand your needs so that to provide you with a custom-made guidance and legal support on the whole spectrum of selling, transferring and purchasing of immovable property in Cyprus. In addition to this, we will give you a detailed information on the ongoing market trends.

The objective of our immovable property lawyers is to launch an effective communication with clients and give them a detailed information on their rights. Rah Legal is committed to offer solutions that correspond to client’s need therefore we assure that due diligence procedures are executed.

Once the seller and the buyer come to an agreement, the sale contract or the assignment of rights is duly stamped and becomes legally effective.  Then the contract of sale or the assignment of rights is submitted to the Land Registry so that to further protect buyer’s rights. When the title deeds are available, the seller and the buyer may proceed with the transfer of ownership.

Rah Legal provides high quality services in English, Greek, Arabic and Hebrew.