Cyprus Permanent Residency

Cyprus is among the most popular relocation destinations in the world. The nice climate, the economic and political stability, and the geographical position between Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East attract individuals from all over the world to relocate to Cyprus.

The favorable taxation and other significant benefits motivate foreign investors to relocate and launch their projects in Cyprus. The Cyprus government aims at attracting foreign investments and boost the economic activity of the country.

According to the provisions of Regulation 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations, the Minister of Interior, having notified the Council of Ministers, decided to grant Immigration Permit to non-European citizens, provided that specific criteria are met.

Precisely, non-EU nationals who acquire property in Cyprus can benefit from this scheme and obtain a Permanent Residence Permit. Provided that certain criteria are met and the applicant has a clean criminal record, the application is examined by the Minister of Interior. Note that the examination of the complete application takes up to two months from the submission date.

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